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Currently I have a 8800 GTX, Q6600 and NZXT Hush case. GPU has a stock cooler and CPU has a Tuniq Tower. Whenever I open the side door of the case, temps and noises begin dropping. When I close my case, noises start rising and temps are getting higher.

I just bought an HD 5870 Vapor-X and I'm going to get an Intel 2500K.

My question is that what should I do about the case and coolers? My fans push around 70 CFM so they can't be bad (Noctua), but I am wondering if I should switch my case to something better - what? I'm worried about Hush's airflow.

I am also considering if I reuse my Tuniq Tower Ultra 120 Extreme for the next CPU, if I happen to get a motherboard that supports LGA775 coolers like ASRock. If not, then I will get the Zalman CNPS10x Quiet.

I also have no idea whether I should get a GPU cooler. I think I'll start with the stock one and figure my way out.

Got any suggestions? What about those water cooling packages like Hydroid 50/70?

Thanks for the comments!
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  1. This is what i use
    Water block for 5870 extreme cooling
    This is the water kit i got at the best price
    I couldent find the hydroid
  2. Download and install SpeedFan..........

    Take some measure measurements........side panel on and off. ALSO, note the fan speeds as they will likely change with temps and faster is always more noise.

    I built a system with the NZXT Hush, its a nice case. Has some problems with rattle thou. Cooling is okay for a single card. I've use the Silenx and Noctua fans very quiet.

    I also have a Vapor-X 5870 (two in fact). DEAD silent cards, powerful too. I paid $450 when they 1st came out, now there closer to $200, sigh....

    BUT IF YOU REALLY WANT QUIET : I have this case. Its the quietest case I've encountered. The aluminum plastic sandwich side panels simply won't rattle at all. The separate PS/hard drive & main chamber keep things cool and the noise levels low

    If you need better cooling, when I upgraded from one 5870 to two, I moved the system to a Corsair 800D..... cooler and quiet too.
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