Best low profile card for gaming and digital art?

Hello all,

I am just about to purchase this computer the Gateway SX2800-01 and wanted to upgrade some items. I would like to upgrade the psu and the videocard. I would like to keep the whole deal under 200 dollars if I can. Thanks!!
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  1. What kind of gaming? The best there is is probably something like ATI 4650 for ~50$.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions so far. The gaming I would be doing would be WoW and Company of heroes. I also would play some other RTS's and things like that. Nothing too terribly taxing. Obsidian, does that videocard happen to be a low profile card?
  3. hmm well thats open too debate but the case seems big enough
  4. but i think there is a 9600 low profile out an a 4670 low profile
  5. obsidian86 said:
    but i think there is a 9600 low profile out an a 4670 low profile

    Sweet thanks! in your honest opinion is the system that bad of a deal with all of the specs on it?
  6. You need a low profile or low profile ready graphic card. Since the power supply that comes with the SX2800-01 is only 220w you'd also need to replace it.

    This power supply $50
    SeaSonic SS-300TFX 300W

    check measurements here

    The most powerful graphic card available as a low profile ready (you have to change the back plate yourself) is this 9800GT. Some problems are noise and heat.

    another good choice, better for noise and heat, but not as high performing is the 9600GT

    The Seasonic 300w can power either card, but you do need to use the included 2-molex to PCIe adapter so check the power supply picture to make sure it has enough connectors for you. With either card you're going to have to watch your temperatures and possibly add fans or replace fans to up your cooling. Either option (there's actually 3 9600GT you could buy) would cost under $200

    *EDIT* the 9800GT doesn't come with an adapter, you have to buy one
  7. what dirt mountain said
  8. The Galaxy 9600 GT is the better of the two. True low profile, less heat and noise, lower power draw, and a better distributor. Makes up for the slightly low performance.
  9. You could get a low profile Nvidia 9800GT.
  10. Zotac 9800gt should be low profile (theres even an overclocked version)
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