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hi everyone i dont know to much about overclocking and i need a lil more performance out of the cpu and been told this is the way to get it. my setup is

i just need to know if the cpu is worth overclocking and if so could someone help me out with this thanks.
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  1. set Vcore to 1.45V
    set Vfsb to 1.45V
    set FSB strap to 400MHz FSB
    run the DDR3 memory at 1380-8-8-8-24
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  2. my memory is ddr2 does that make a difference?
  3. Yes, it does. DDR2 won't be able to reach those speeds without massive overclocking, causing possible stability issues.

    What I'd recommend: (Taking it that you are running at a 8x or 9x clock multiplier)

    If the clock mulitplier is 8x, set the FSB to 400MHz.
    If the clock multiplier is 9x, set the FSB to 356MHz.

    This will give you a CPU speed of 3.2GHz without stressing the RAM at 9x. 8x with a 400MHz FSB means working at the RAM limit, so if you're not comfortable with this, feel free to drop down to 380MHz or something.

    Also, keep an eye on your CPU temps. An aftermarket cooler should keep it in spec, but the stock cooler might be too small.
  4. Eish... Multiplier stuck at 7.5...

    Push the FSB to 400MHz once, and expect a CPU speed of around 3.0GHz, not much, but a bit better performance from your current 2.5GHz.
  5. okay thanks for your help. =]
  6. hmm i dont know why but its not letting me change anything i turned off the option which lets me set the cpu speed instead of windows but still nothing.
  7. Are you using the BIOS to overclock or some kind of Windows based utility? If a Windows based utility, you need to learn to use the BIOS. The Windows OC utilities use too many Auto voltage settings.
  8. yeah i was trying to overclock it using the BIOS but as i said its not letting me change anything what so ever.
  9. hi yeah my bios is completley locked and where the fsb speed etc. is its all blanked out i can see the speeds but i cant change anything im just wondering if there was any programes out there that could help. Thanks
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