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I have a Sumvision cased 750GB sata HDD NAS drive, however accessing the drive on my network is a royal pain, it's slow and unresponsive the drive has a mind of it's own when it comes to allowing you to open folders or even delete files. Is it possible to format the drive and replace the OS? if so does anyone have any recommendations?

I appreciate any help with this.
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  1. I would try and update the firmware, if not done already.
  2. Thanks

    I've managed to get all the data off the NAS and will format the drive, and reinstall firmware updates. I just thought that as I'm going through the effort of doing it all I'd see if anyone could suggest a better OS as the standard install is very basic.
  3. AFAIK, these NAS enclosures are basically mini-PCs with some Linux-based OS on them. Keep in mind that replacing that OS will mean that you have to make sure the replacement is compatible with the hardware, you don't want to put something that does not recognize the RAID controller, for instance. Customer service people from Sumvision might be able to give you some suggestions about that.
  4. That's great. Thanks for the tip
  5. It would appear that sumvision don't do customer services, and that the inbuilt format and reboot function was a clever way of saying delete everything, including the OS. The disk that was with it contains 3 pdfs.

    At the moment I have a glorified usb Hard drive. Any suggestions other than quit whilst your ahead?
  6. If no option to re-install firmware and to restore the NAS function, I guess using it as an extHDD on USB is the only option. Sorry about that, unless someone else on this forum has better ideas.
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