How many pins does a fan need to control its speed

My GPUs have no problem if I OC them with the provided software the fans run faster. But for some reason I cant do the same with the computer since it will over heat. I have 2 fans in the front and one exhaust. What I need to learn is how many pins does a fan cable need to control its speed. I want to buy new fans and a speed controller so I can OC only like 10% or so. For some reason the p6t MOBO I have does not speed up the fans (I also hear the CPU speeding up as needed) but if i put a sheet of paper to the back fan it barely moves and its 120mm. Can someone please help me out with some advice as to what speed controller works good (for like 3-4 fans). I dont get why u need a temp sensor as the MOBO and GPU already have one.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. Whats a max temp for a i7 920 and a asus p6t?
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  1. 3 pin fan ! Aso max temp under a load test should be about 80
    Try getting speedfan if you dont have it.
  2. btw u can plug at least 3 fans into you mobo and control them in your bios.
    heres a overclock guide
    also fan controls look nice but u will probably set it and forget it.
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