Beginner overclocking questions

I've decided on a Radeon HD 6850 Toxic as a new video card, and, being my first relatively decent video card, I figured I should get the most out of it. I have a few questions about overclocking it:

1) Does it void your warranty?
2) Is it an overly technical process, or is it something simple enough that I can follow a guide for?
3) Is it reversible?
4) Would I need any sort of aftermarket cooling, or is the basic fan on the card going to be enough? If I don't need something aftermarket, should I constantly keep an eye on the temperature of the card?
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  1. There is a guide.
    probably voids warrenty,
    Overclocking is very reversible.
    you can use MSI afterburner to control the fan speed that should be enough unless you really want to use water.
  2. when you install the drivers and package it will have a program in it so you can overclock
    ATI Overdrive is what it's called. I oced my 5850 and it works fine it won't let you go overboard with you oc so it will be safe.
  3. Overclocking will almost always void your warranty, however, this usually isn't an issue because overclocking won't kill your GPU unless you set voltages way too high or something crazy.
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