Built two new computers power but no video on either

Okay I have built a couple of pc's before. But I am having some weird issues. I had a motherboard crash so I picked up a new motherboard and case. I also was building a new pc for an HTPC. I don't know if I am just missing something stupid or if something has changed since the last time I built a pc. But both Pc's power up on one I hear 3 fairly long beeps the other I don't hear any sounds, (do I need to install the speaker that came with it to hear the post beaps?) Neither shuts off after the 3 seconds. Seems like I have to be doing something wrong, seems nearly impossible to have the same exact defect in two pc's. please help!
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  1. Do both mobos have on board video or are you using a video card in both?
  2. They both have on board video. But I was using HDMI through a 4650 on my original computer when it didn't show video I tried removing the card and using the on board assuming I needed to change a bios setting or something setting up the pci express slot. The second pc I tried the on board HDMI first then when it didn't work hooked it up to an old crt monitor with no luck. I also tried putting the video card in the second pc with no luck. I guess I never specified that I am getting no video. Also it seems there is no power to the USB ports. (I get no lights for the wireless keyboard and mouse. Really strange
  3. Are your power supplies providing sufficient power?
  4. If you hear (3) beeps you have issues with your system - You will need to install the speaker on the board to hear beeps. What is the name brand video card are you using? What kind of MB are you using? Is your video card pci express? Your MB or video could be defective - your bios should auto read card or on board video. Keep going forward, you will find the answer.
  5. Try moving the ram to different slots on the motherboard. Also make sure you put the cpu in all the way and locked(if intel) or the lever on the side of the amd socket is locked.
  6. Thanks for all the input. Just so happens that I had to bad boards. did a little research and the 3 beeps is a ram failure from what I understand you can rotate the ram. But correct me if I am wrong if you just remove it and still get the 3 beeps your motherboard is definitely the problem. Anyway it was an MSI swapped the board and everything is golden. Second board is a Jetway from newegg. First experience with them and likely the last. RMA'd with newegg waiting for a replacement.
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