I want to compare WD sata Raid drives

What is the difference in the WD5000ABYS Enterprise Sata drive and the WD5002ABYS Enterprise Sata? I have four of the 5000 in my raid, one is degraded, but when i replace it with the 5002, I get an imcompatible error message.
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  1. WD5000ABYS is a RE2 drive and WD5002ABYS is a RE3 drive.

    The cache is 16 MB, sustained buffer-to-disk transfer rates are listed at 86 (RE2-GP), 98 (RE2), and 126 (RE3) MB/sec, and average latency is listed at 4.2 ms.

  2. The 5002 RE3 is a dual processor drive, and gives slightly better performance on reads/writes. It should still work in the array since the size is identical, but your raid card might be seeing that it's a different drive and being picky.
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