Downloading to SSD??? is it ok??

Quick question,

If I wanted to download something... that I planned on installing then deleteing or copy/paste to a storage drive would it make sense to download it directly onto SSD I have for my OS ???

Example: I want to redownload Starcraft II game... and install it. After I install I would either delete the download or move it to a storage drive.

Any hard in doing this?

Or should I download to the storage drive and install from there ???
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  1. Easy answer? Storage drive.

    @malmental: PM
  2. saint19 said:
    Easy answer? Storage drive.

    Well benefit of downloading to SSD is how freakin fast the program installs when you install it.... :)

    Afterwards if your gonna delete or move to storage drive, I don't see the harm in it. A few more writes don't mean much, and the performance is great
  3. There's no harm in downloading to an SSD, but no particular benefit either. Your Internet connection is a lot slower than even a slow HDD, so it won't speed up the download. And when you run the install it reads the downloaded install file sequentially, and an HDD can do that almost as fast as an SSD can. The bottleneck during the installation process will be decompressing the install kit and a myriad of random writes to the SSD, not the sequential reading from the HDD.

    In fact, if you install right after downloading then the whole install file will probably still be in RAM cache and the HDD won't even be touched.
  4. It seems to install much faster when downloaded to ssd vs my normal HDD.

    perhaps I am crazy ?
  5. Mfusick said:
    It seems to install much faster when downloaded to ssd vs my normal HDD.

    perhaps I am crazy ?

    1) Yes, because the installation process can read it faster from the SSD than it could from the HDD. But that will only affect the installation time, not loading when you run it.

    1.5) As long as you have Windows 7 and all the other accoutrements for passing the TRIM command, no harm in downloading to your SSD. Unless, of course, you run of of space on said SSD. And don't forget the Recycle Bin, which is where you send stuff after most deletes. It takes space.

    2) Perhaps you are. So what? I've always found it to be kind of fun. :pt1cable:

    Hey, I finally got to use that "smiley!"
  6. Mfusick said:
    It seems to install much faster when downloaded to ssd vs my normal HDD.
    I wouldn't expect there to be that much of a difference, but it may depend on the software in question. I have no doubt that it will install much faster TO an SSD.

    Some install kits do a complete read of the install kit to verify its checksum before starting the actual install, that could well be a lot faster on an SSD. And it might be done by forcing a bypass of the file system cache to ensure that the data was correctly recorded on the drive itself. I can see that as a cause for for a speed increase - but it would have to be a pretty huge install file for it be very noticeable. A 10MB install kit can be read from a hard drive pretty quickly - you're unlikely to notice much difference between 1/10 and 1/30 of a second even if it is 3X faster.
  7. As evyone has stated install to the SSD. That SSD will last longer than you will be keeping it as part of your system. Lets face it the next version of SSDs are comming out real soon and you know your going to upgrade.......

    malmental he is only asking a quesiton. Is he trying to get points? I dont know are people getting points for one word replys?.....+4 "thanks"....
  8. Many installers for large programs decompress and extract files from the initial download and this process could possibly be sped up by doing it from the SSD. Since these extracted files are nearly always written to a temporary location on C: it won't affect the actual install speed in this instance (unless C: is also on the SSD).
  9. yeah no doubt that when I download programs to SSD and install from that location is smokes my velociraptor or SamsungF3 when installing from the SSD.

    Not even a contest. I laugh how fast it blazes through install screens..

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