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  1. Got it. Thanks, I appreciate it
  2. efeat knows a lot about PSU's. ^^; I learned much today. ^-^
  3. Your telling me! Haha, today I pretty much started out not knowing a single thing except Watts for power supplys. Now... I feel like I know pretty much everything I need to know about PSU's!
  4. The link he sent earlier, was very informative. ( If you take the time to read it =P)
  5. Just glad to help =]
  6. Hi there, i hope i can ask in this topic - my problem is very similar.

    My future rig:
    i7 920 D0
    Noctua NH-U12P Special Edition
    DFI-DK x58
    3x2gb Gskill F3-12800CL8T-6GBPI
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
    XFX gtx275 XXX Core
    SSD Vertex 60gb
    Western Digital 1 TB 7200rpm 32MB cache SATAII [WD10EADS]
    Logitech Illuminated
    Logitech G51
    Logitech mx-620
    Zalman GS1000
    2xDell 2209wa monitors
    5x fan (2 on noctua+ 3x typhoon gentle)

    I wanted to OC i7 to 3.8 (4.0 is taking to much power in my opinion, and performance boost is just not worth it).
    I'm pretty sure, that BeQuitet P7 650W will be more than enough for this rig, but what about adding second gtx 275?
    I read whole topic, and some reviews on TH but still cant figure that out.

    i7 920 at sotck will take 109/213 (according to TH review)
    i7 920 at 3.8 will take 129/310 (idle/peak) (according to TH review)
    gtx 275 will be OC to ~730 core i guess - so i would say 55/240

    2x275 will take what? 110/400 ?

    Sa full power consumption in peak, with 2x275 should be about 400+310+?(others hardware parts)

    Or my math is very wrong ;)? The question is, will 650W will be enough for i7 3.8 + 2x275 and mentioned other hardware? Or it will be barely enough with i7 on stock clocks and 2x275?

    Thx in advance for any help with that :)
  7. Should have started a new thread... but.... I will be nice this time. if your going to OC like that get a 850 Watt at LEAST , if your going to OC your RAM as well and GPU's get a 1000 Watt.
  8. Didnt wanted to start new topic, becouse my problem is same as topic's author.
    Hmm, after writing this post (my first here on forum btw so forgive me;) ) i read more, and i.e in review about 2x275 vs 295, i noticed 205/405 (idle/peak) on 920 2.66MHz.
    Also on another review here on TH, about 920 OC, i noticed that:
    920 2.66 takes 109/213 W
    920 3.8 takes 129/310W
    so , it would mean that 2x275 with 3.8MHz on cpu, will consume about 225/502 W.
    Best power consumption for P7 650W is in range 433-533 (65-85%). If i add other hardware and stuff, it should be around 550-570 top.
    I dont want to OC Ram (1600MHz will be enough - i use pc to work, and games) so, maybe...650W is enough even for 2x 275?
    I also used http://extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp and when selecting everything from my rig, it showed me 584W for Sli 275 and 469W for single 275.

    @Gin why 850W at least? Could you explain ? (i'm aware i could be mistaken in calculating, and this online calculator isnt 100% sure thing)

    Thx in advance :)
  9. You did your research good boy. =) and I suggest a 850 Watt , because if your a little overkill on the power supply that means you will get constant clean power , with no jitters or spikes or brownouts in your system. for one of my really old AGP systems I thought 450 would be enough for me to overclock but I actually noticed the LED's in my case going dim and my performance dropped. ^^; you always want over kill on the PSU and MOBO.
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