XP won't boot, BSOD Stop 0X0000007B

My Win XP SP3 computer just showed a quick-flash blue screen, then would not start; neither would it start in safe mode, nor in last known good. It just cycled over and over that way. It gets to the WinXP logo, then blue flash, then reboot again.

I got an error code for this. It is:
Stop: 0X0000007B (0XF78A6524, 0XC00000034, 0X00000000, 0x00000000)

Just before it crashed, a large number of error boxes appeared on the screen, and I saw something about "hard drive," but it all happened too quickly to read.

In the last month, I have not installed any new programs, nor changed any settings, nor wiggled any cables. When it crashed, I was using the Opera browser. My Vipre antivirus was running in the background, as always.

Using the WinXP installation disk, I can get into the recovery console. I did a CHKDSK /R C:. It said that it fixed some errors, but that did not help. I could also see that the folders on both C: and D: drive seem to be there.

I also used Seagate Sea Tools to check my C: drive, a Western Digital quiet drive, 160GB. Sea Tools said that it passed, so it looks like the C: drive is ok.

My motherboard is: Asus P5Q3 Deluxe Wifi-AP @n Edition, running Windows XP SP3, 3 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5 .

Windows is on my 160 GB C: hard drive. There is also a 320 GB D: hard drive that I use for backup. This custom computer was made by CoolTech PC. It runs very quiet and cool, and hasn't had any problem at all since it was built in 2008.

Does anyone know of any way to troubleshoot this, and to get Windows running again? I do not mind reinstalling WinXP, but I would really like to get my data off the C: drive if I can, the D: drive too.

Meanwhile, is there a way to do the following?

1. Get my backed-up data off of drive D? Then I could simply try to reinstall XP on the C drive.

What do you advise?

Thank you.

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  1. I did encounter the similar with this issue. Well go to BIOS see whether the mobo can read the hdd that contains OS & RAM. If hdd did shows, than try to reseat the both RAM & hdd socket & start again. Be aware that discharge your static charges by touching the metal case while performed the task.
    1) If that give you same problem, replace another working RAM & try. or
    2) Try to re-install OS to your another backup hdd, before install create another partition enough for the installation on it or use a new hdd. Than after install, configure it as first boot hdd. If successful, you can view the previous hdd info, do the backup from there.
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