Are this Gigabyte board and AMD CPU compatable?

I'm looking to get the GA-MA770T-UD3P ( with the AMD Phenom II X2 545 Callisto 3.0GHz AM3 ( Newegg's description says that the board needs a Phenom II X4 / Phenom II X3 chip, but Gigabyte's compatible CPU listing seems to list this one as being ok. Does anyone know for sure? Don't want to order it only to find out I'm going to have problems later on. Anyone use this board to unlock the two additional cores on this chip to make it a full blown quad core?
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  1. I just rebuilt using Gig GA-ex58-ud4p, with i7 920 - I recommend you look at and call them, they are knowledgeable and you will love their service and usually the prices will beat Newegg's. I would not give 100% to any retailing site for correct information - the AMD and Gig sites would be where to correctly find out. Keep Charging!
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