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Ok, I just got a new LG UH10LS20 Blu-ray drive. When I burn DVD media or CD media the buffer stays at 4% full and sometime fluctuates at 100%-4%. It doesn't give me any bad disks. No coasters at all. But it does take longer than what its supposed to take to burn a DVD/CD. It says around 3min to burn a full 700mb CD but normally take more than 4mins. My old Samsung DVD burner always had the buffer at 100%. Is there something wrong with my drive or is it working fine. O yeah I use Nero Buring ROM 10 and my specs are: AMD 545, ASRock 880G Motherboard, 4GB G.Skill memory and this burner/blu-ray drive.
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  1. If it is burning fine I wouldnt worry to much about it. The buffer is some system RAM set aside for the burning process, you wouldnt want the buffer to be 0% because well than you dont have a buffer if your disk gets busy.
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