Internal hard drive not appearing

Hi everyone

I've recently purchased the EastWest Complete Composers Collection software, which is supplied on a 1TB internal hard drive.

After arriving this morning in the post, I connected the drive and turned the PC on. Windows 7 recognised the hardware and a message came up saying driver install success, or something.
However, on my Computer, or in the Explorer, it doesn't appear. I've done some reading around and I supposedly have to assign a drive letter to it in Disk Management, but the option to assign a letter is greyed out.

Here's a screenshot

I'm a bit worried too, as there is supposed to be over 200gigs worth of content on there, and yet it says 100% free space.

I'm not very tech minded, and I don't wont to start messing around with the drive and risk losing the sound-banks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hey Duck10,

    According to the image you does seem to show that the hard drive is seen by Windows and its disk management. What hard drive are you using? There may be software that the manufacturer provides, check with them to see. I presume that you've tried restarting and still no success, if not try this. If you can take this out and test with another OS, this will help eliminate the OS as a cause.

    Hope this helps you with your issue!
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply

    Unfortunately I only have access to two Windows 7 PCs, no other OSs. I did connect it up to the other PC anyway, but had no luck. It does exactly the same thing.

    I don't really know what to do.

    At first, they sent me the MAC version (my fault, clicked the wrong order button) so I sent it back in exchange for the PC version.
    Is there a chance they sent another MAC hard drive instead? Can I tell the difference physically?

    It may be possible for me to try the hard drive out on a college MAC Pro, but not until next week.

    If anyone has any other ideas in the meantime I'd be very grateful
  3. The picture shows a 200 gig EFI partition. It looks like a MAC formatted voulume to me. Not many PC's use EFI.
  4. I believe Hawkeye22 is right about the EFI, I had not noticed that piece of information! Check with the place you purchased the drive from, from the information you gave it seems like that they did send you the same one!

    Hope you can get your collection working soon!
  5. Thanks for the confirmation guys!

    Considering it's a £750 product, and the fact that I sent several emails/letters stating that I needed to exchange it for the PC version and not the Mac, I'm pretty frustrated that they've sent another Mac hard drive, completely wasting my time.

    Hopefully they can send me a replacement drive without me having to send this one back. It's too long a process.
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