P5QL PRO Mobo freezes at boot

Hello, a few months ago, i have built a desktop, including an Asus P5QL PRO (rest of the rig on my profile). But today, while playing COD4 online (using Vista x64 btw), the blue screen of death suddenly came up (physical memory dump something), and my computer shut down. After rebooting, it was stuck at the boot screen and been this way ever since. This is urgent, although I was gaming, the PC contains an essay I have to give out by tomorrow (GMT +1), and have no back up PC.
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  1. try clearing the cmos with the jumpers
    if you don't know how to, consult the manual
  2. You need to check your RAM settings...did you OC this PC?
  3. mindless728 said:
    try clearing the cmos with the jumpers
    if you don't know how to, consult the manual

    If it is the circular 3V battery that is used to clear the BIOS, I have already tried. Nothing changed. Wierd, cuz it was working fine until a few hours ago (physical memory dump....)
  4. Kill@dor said:
    You need to check your RAM settings...did you OC this PC?

    I have overclocked it a few times, but cleared the CMOS by pulling that circular battery a week ago. And as far as I know, everything is in its place. My rig worked fine until I got that physical memory dump (aka blue screen of death)
  5. BSOD's are very often caused by faulty RAM. I would try booting with just one stick of RAM installed. If that one doesn't work, try the other one. You should also try them in each RAM slot to eliminate a dead RAM slot as the problem. Here's a couple more links that may help:

    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-read-posting-boot-problems (This should be the first place to go for problems like yours)


  6. I have tried all of your suggestions, but it still won't boot. I think this was caused by the blue screen of death, and not hardware-related.
  7. To clear the CMOS, you have to remove a jumper and reposition it to the next two adjacent pins. Wait 10 seconds and replace it to its normal position.
    IMO, BSODs are more often caused by hardware conflicts than software.

    Can you get to the power page or hardware monitor screen in BIOS and check the temps?
  8. Hey guys, I have tried to boot with my Vista installation CD WITHOUT my keyboard, and it actually worked until the installation screen came on. Now I'm stuck again. But this made me curious, can the problem be caused by a faulty keyboard, or a recent keyboard change?
  9. Eow buddy!

    Me having tha same problemos!!

    I looked at the ASUS site and found that theres a bios update that fixes bios post screen hangup with logitech keyboards.. Guess what, I have three different logitech keyboards plugged to my pc at once.. :)
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