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Ok... few days ago, i opened an old laptop toshiba t4500c (486) and unplugged hdd which is seagate st9385ag

i bought 44pin to usb converter and plugged in... disk is listed in device manager, but not in my computer

i tried with disk menagement, but disk can not be initialized

any ideas?
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  1. was it functioning before in the laptop? Also be sure to remove any jumpers.
  2. jumpers were removed (set as master) and it worked i laptop without any errors
  3. are you trying to get something off of there?

    How big is the drive?

    What OS is on the new PC?
  4. get word files


  5. refresh
  6. well obviously you don't want to initialize it if it's got data you need.

    Can you try it on a different PC, maybe something with XP on it?
  7. If the drive is that old it'll use CHS addressing, most (if not all) USB adaptors will use LBA addressing; bottom line: it won't work; the only way will be to connect it directly to the MoBo IDE port.
  8. I hadn't thought of that. Do the new mobo's even still support CHS? Wow, flashback to entering that info manually for HDs!
  9. @MrLinux

    you confused me for a moment with connecting 44 pin onto MoBo. i looked on two MoBos intel and amd and haven't found 44pin connector.

    i saw these convertors here http://www.logicsupply.com/categories/cables/data_storage but im shore i cant find 'em in my country. i'll keep on looking, maybe that can solve the problem

    if anybody else have any ideas, don't be shy ;)
  10. refresh
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