4850/4870: PSU ok? 512mb vs 1gb?

hi guys, i was building a new gaming rig:

-P2 x4 940
-gigabyte ma790x ud4 socket am2+
-sapphire hd 4850 512
-coolermaster eXtreme 600W
-2x2gb kingston 800mhz
-thermaltake soprano rs 101
- 500gb sata II 32mb
-19" monitor (already have this)

i think that the psu is ok for the 4850, but im also thinking on getting a 4870 isntead of the 4850

but, would the psu be enough for a 4870?

what about the 1gb versions? are they necesary for a 19 monitor? or is it a overkill?

what if in the future i got a bigger monitor? should i get the 1gb version?

does the 1gb version works fine with a 19" monitor?

hers the psu:

http://www.tranza.com/softis/pv/23 [...] OWER-600W/

as u see, im not buying from the us
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  1. the 4870 will be fine with that PSU.

    and if you think you will upgrade to a better monitor in the future then get the 1GB non-ref 4870 by gigabyte since it gives you DP and a better cooler aswell.
  2. Does that PSU have four PCI-E power leads ? Each 4870 uses 2 of them, so if you ever plan to crossfire, you may want to check.
  3. 1GB is a lot. 512MB will do just fine too.
  4. Siggy19 said:
    Does that PSU have four PCI-E power leads ? Each 4870 uses 2 of them, so if you ever plan to crossfire, you may want to check.

    it has 2.. but im not planning in xfire for a long time..

    when the time comes, i would consider if its worth xfire or a new gpu.. if xfiring, then i would look for another psu..
  5. Kill@dor said:
    1GB is a lot. 512MB will do just fine too.

    im considering the 1gb in case in the future i get a bigger monitor

    maybe, if i stay with the 19", i could get the 4870 512

    would i have any problems if i use the 1gb with the 19"??
  6. The 1GB won't make a difference in gaming...if you get x2 512MB cards in crossfire and x2 1GB you won't see much difference. The difference is seen in higher clocks, shaders and stream processing ^_^
  7. ok, so ill stick to the 4870 512

    if im going to xfire 2 4870 in the future i need a psu with 4 6pin connectors right? or can i use the 6pin to 4pin adapters that come with the card?
  8. i just put a gtx 285 on a 500w psu. ive read number varying from 500-700w. *shrug* seems to run games and not crash so im assuming its ok.

    also, 1 gig does make a big difference. (especially at higher resolutions.)
  9. Your PSU should have at least x1 6-pin connector or x2 6-pin connectors that will power the card(s) ^_^. So yes that is right.
  10. Ok neon...

    I was wrong...1GB does make a difference ^_^
  11. hehe, checked the reviews did we? ;)
  12. ok

    the psu has 2 x pci 6pin and 6 x 4pin
    that will work for 2 4870 in xf?

    i was also concerned about the 12V rail.
    it says the following:

    +12V1 18A

    +12V2 18A

    is that ok?

    srry im insisting
  13. No i was being sarcastic...

    Yes it will work in crossfire.
  14. well then go read some reviews. because i wouldnt touch a 512 meg card. i like high resolutions.
  15. I already did read them. You on the other hand probably need to offer nachota some advise instead of ranting like an idiot.
  16. im not ranting, im responding to you. which is responding to me. takes 2 to dance. you might want to look in a mirror. also, name calling? really?


    crysis warhead, 1920x1200 8xAA... the 1 gig card more than DOUBLES the fps of the 512 meg card. in many cases it just pads on 6-10 fps. which, is a lot in terms of high end videocard comparisons.

    i should also point out, in those benchmarks, the 512 meg card is clocked higher.

    i feel i had information to offer. and i did. wasnt ranting. it was helpful. you just dont agree. (and are wrong.)
  17. Look man...they may be clocked higher...but we are talking about 4-5fps increase here...if that's your idea of a good deal then you are mistake. Any veteran poster here will ding you about that...maybe you should stick to your OC club that knows better...right?
  18. if you are going to be running a 32 bit version of windows realize that it can only address 4 gigs of memory total. This includes the video card memory, so a l gig card will leave less than 3 gigs system ram even though you installed 4 gigs of DIMMs. A 64 bit OS won't have this limitation.
  19. the price difference is 20-25 bucks, and yes, 4-5 frames is worth it. 5 frames is a lot.

    to the gent above me: the ram restriction on 32 bit operating systems was removed in windows 7. not that everyone uses windows 7.
  20. well, price difference for mine was only like 10 when i got it
  21. I guess you are a lot smarter than i though ^_^ Good for you
  22. ive been doing a lot of reading on videocards lately. i was on the market for a new one.

    (which just so happened to have arrived today!)
  23. ive been looking at prices at the store were im going to buy

    its in spain -> appinformatica.com

    sapphire 4870 512mb = 168,40 euros

    gigabyte 4870 1gb = 193,90 euros

    im leaning towards the 512 XD

    this store is the best i could found in spain..anyone knows any other store?
  24. i dont do a lot of shopping in spain. 25 euro difference? id get the 1gb. ESPECIALLY if you plan to crossfire. the realm changes entirely when you crossfire. suddenly, you have crazy gpu processing power... but no more ram. you will create a bottleneck with the ram (having to read from the harddrives every second is a real hit on performance.)
  25. You could add the extra 25-30 dollars for 5 frames like neon suggested, honestly i think its a waste because you can still overclock your GPU higher if you want to. You really won't need to be cause it will run every game you throw at it. Till this day, i run a single GPU 8800GT...no SLI and no OC...but i can play crysis with 50+ frames on 1920x1080 on high (not the highest). Also, i did overclock my system, but kept it at 3.0GHz now...with higher memory bandwith...so that helps the game play well too. If you need tips on overclocking your system CPU, RAM and GPU just post at anytime.

    I don't know any other good stores in Spain unless you can buy online for cheaper...
  26. 8800gt does not play crysis at 50+ frames on 1920x1080. period. sigh.
  27. You should look at getting DDR2 1066 instead of DDR2 800 if you want to overclock too...
  28. ok thx guys

    ill get the 1gb if i decide on getting a bigger monitor

    if i stay with my 19" monitor, ill go for the 512 ftw
  29. LOL...ok neon
  30. it doesnt. not even close. barely anything does...
  31. neon neophyte said:
    8800gt does not play crysis at 50+ frames on 1920x1080. period. sigh.

    I think you should have noted that he said high not very high, it's not hard to get over 30fps with high on crysis.
  32. i agree, 30 fps is in the realm of reason. 50 @ 1080p, not even close.

    im being lazy, but heres one example: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=103438

    i could find 100 more just like it. and im sure you cant find me a single one with a 8800gt @ 1080p (or even 1680x1050) running at 50+ fps. not one.
  33. Obiously they need to learn how to OC properly...you can't believe everything you read you goofball...haha. And that forum started in 07...damn you don't cease to surprise me with your intellect ^_^

    He used DD2 800...i have DDR2 1066
  34. i said i was being lazy. i dont believe everything i read. i believe the sum of everything i read. EVERYTHING says you arent getting 50+ fps. NOTHING says you are. nothing.

    you should read MORE. you let me know when that 200 mhz increase on ram adds 20 fps to 30.

    i also have to say, with every insult you fling you lose just that much more credibility. I havent insulted you on any level. Im just pointing out your mistakes.
  35. I think i'll take your advice and read hustler instead. I hear Rihanna has a nice body...^_^
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