New Velociraptor not showing up?

Hello. I just recieved my new Velociraptor 150gb hard drive in the mail today, and I plugged it in and it is not working. I believe it is because it is unformatted, but i am not sure.

-The drive does not show up in "My Computer"
-The drive DOES show up in "Device Manager"
-The drive does not show up in "Computer Management"/"Disk Management".

As far as I've been told, to format a new drive you have to go to Disk Management, but my Velociraptor is not showing up there. What could be the problem?
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  1. check your cabling and look in your bios to see if it is listed there. 100 percent sure if it does not show up in your bios than your OS will not see it in which case it is DOA
  2. Thanks for the reply. How do I check if it shows up in the bios? (as in where do i navigate to to check?)

    Figured that out. The drive is indeed visible in the Bios. What gives?
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