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I purchased a new gateway SX2800. The only video output options are VGA or HDMI. I am using a a gateway 22" TFTLCD monitor Model FPD2275W. It has every input but HDMI. With my old computer, I always used a DVI-DVI cable. The recommended screen setting is 1680x1050. I always have run it at that setting. I was originally using a VGA cable but ordered a high quality DVI to HDMI cable. When I install it, the higher the resolution I set it the more distortion I get. At the highest level, it reminds me of a bad UHF signal with lots of red. Everything works fine if I use the VGA cable. It has built in video and uses Intel Media Graphics Accelerator as the driver. It is also a Vista 64 bit system. Any ideas why the problem? Are the two components incompatible?
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  1. You have the HDMI out of the computer to the DVI input of the monitor, it should work. One thing I can think of are there a few different kinds of DVI. Make sure you have the right one, which I *think* should be DVI-I or DVI-D.

    I doubt it applies, but I have a ps3 with HDMI, sometimes the colors got screwed up when the cable was slightly out of the socket. I had to make sure it was really firmly attached or it would lose a channel of color.

  2. It was actually a bad connection on the monitor. Although the plug was in, I had to back it out slightly then it was fine. Thanks for your reply.
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