I Just brought a new rig few days ago..

PROCESSOR : i5 2500K
MOthrboard : ASrock P67 EXTREME 6
RAM : RipJaw Gskill 4GB ddr3 at 1333
HDD : Seagate 1tb
Chasis : NZXT Lexa S BLackline
SMPS : FSP II saga 450 W
GPU : Nvdia geforce GTS 240

i jst wanted to knw if my config is good enuf for overclocking..and would my PSU be enough if i plan to SLI in future..
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  1. That power supply will probably limit your overclocking. Other than that, it's good enough.

    And no, that power supply won't be good for SLI. Not by a long shot.

    That system is pretty darned good, except for the two bottom lines. You need a higher-wattage quality power supply from a good company, and right now that graphics card is your biggest bottleneck. Even with another in SLI it would still be the bottleneck.

    I would strongly suggest returning the power supply and graphics card for refund and getting better ones, even if it means waiting a couple of extra weeks for the next paycheck or to beg/borrow/steal** some more money for the budget.

    ** No, I do not condone theft.

    Edit: And you should be RMAing the mainboard soon too, unless you got a new fixed ASRock that I haven't seen any of yet. I'm still waiting impatiently to see a new version of mine.
  2. well i dont intend to SLI for a few months i assume that 450w would b ok..well jst to overclock thought which PSU would b good enough...and recommend sum good brands for psu
  3. Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, XFX (if you can put up with the wierd styling).
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