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I have a Dell 1545n laptop where the 500GB WD died due to a surge. I believe this was the drive:

I'm looking to replace it with either the same size or a 640GB one. I partitioned it the old 500GB as follows:

30GB for XP
20GB for Ubuntu
410GB for Data
The rest was a swap partition.

Right now, it's running fine with a 160GB laying around, but I miss the larger size because I use my laptop as a backup. I like the idea of taking all my files with me whenever I do travel (I have about 190GB of stuff right now, most of it is music files). I mainly use it to do the web, play mp3's, and run Open Office on the go. I don't run anything high-end on it all. I was fine with the speed of the 5400RPM drive. However, this Samsung catches my eye:

I know Samsung makes great desktop hard drives, but I'm worried about the heat and battery life. Should I just stick to the WD, or would I better with the Samsung?
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    7200rpm notebook drive: uses more battery, and also generates more heat. Worked before as manager of service dept, and noticed higher rate of failure for these drives compared to 5400rpm. For what you do, no need for 7200rpm.
  2. I have had plenty of samsung drives (both laptop and desktop) and to date have never had a failure. They are often quicker than WD etc...
  3. So, electrontau, I'm better off sticking with the 5400RPM then?
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