Nostalgia moment: Quantum Fireball 40Gb

I have recently acquired a Quantum Fireball 40Gb which I am going to use in an “antique project”, probably involving some older setup with a spare Athlon MP 2800+ system I have been accumulating as backup hardware (in case any part of my main MP system, as stated in my sig, goes tits-up). I’m also thinking of using it with Haiku once they get an online repository, and definitely once they have rolling updates.

My main question is this: what are the sizes that Quantum put out just before they were bought up by Maxtor, and how many people are still running on Quantum drives?

The drive I have is a “40.0GB AT Fireball Plus AS”, and has a part number of QMP40000AS-A.
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  1. This is always a fun thing to do on a slow day. I have a Cyrix processor based system out in the garage that was one of the last processors that made.

    I have a 486dx4-100 with I think 32MB ram, and a WD 1.6 GB (fastest drive of the day) hard drive and a kenwood 72x IDE cdrom with win ME loaded on it and it still runs and boots. (at least it did last time I checked)

    I have several pentium systems, a pentium pro system, and a 386 dx40 with a MFM hard drive in it. That thing sounds like a typewriter. I used to have my old 8088 but it died.
  2. You could always begin your research here:*/

    This article states that Quantum transferred its hard drive division to Maxtor on April 1, 2001:
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