Memory usage on intel DG43NB

Hi Im new to this forum and i need some help, i purchased 2 new kingston memories (2GB each) and when i installed them on my intel DG43NB mobo it only shows 2.5GB on the task manager, but when I click on properties on my computer it shows 4GB.

Im running windows vista 32x and have an NVIDIA geforce 8800, also have an intel core 2 quad Q9550.

thanks in advance.
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  1. 32 bit windows will normally show less than 4 gb. Use cpuid to see how much memory is recognized by the motherboard.
  2. On cpuid ubder memory tab shows 4096 MBytes
  3. You are good to go. Nothing to worry about. When I change cpus, windows won't pick up the change under system specs. It only reads the cpu during the initial installation.
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