I have a 150G hard drive that is partitioned into one drive of 149.02G unalloca

I am trying to do this in Disk Management. When I right click on the unallocated section, I am given the option of creating a new partition, but only for 31MB or less. When I right-click on the 149G partition ( c: ), I am not given an option to create a new partition at all. Any help on this is appreciated! I have heard of Partition Magic, but cannot afford it.
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  1. Sorry - I have a 150G hard drive that is partitioned into one drive ( c: ) of 149.02GB, with 31MB of unallocated space. I want to split the 149GB into two drives.
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    Disk management isn't going to allow you to tinker with the Windows partition. If you are only shy 31MB, kiss it goodbye, it's not much of a loss.

    Can't afford Partition Magic? Good thing. Nobody should use that dangerous piece of junk.

    You can Google "free partition software" and see many free programs that will do the job you want,

    or just download this one
    HERE and go with it.

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  4. Thank you for that link! Worked like a charm and was extremely easy!
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