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Hi All,
This fine morning when i woke up to check my download status, I saw that the download status (% completed) and download speed are both frozen. I use uTorrent + XP. After a while everything froze and i could only see my mouse pointer. After a few hopeless clicks here and there, I started getting a continuous low pitch beep. I tried pressing my CPU's power button which shows options to shutdown, restart or standby the pc but it did not respond. Lately I had to manually shut it down through the UPS. Now the PC won't boot again. No beeps nothing, totally dead. I can see no lights on my keyboard and mouse as well. One green LED on my motherboard(intel DG33FB) is glowing though. System has 3GB RAM(512 x 2 + 1024 x 2, dual channel).

Please help me out.

- aaruni
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    Check your power supply - might be dead - you do receive green light on MB, it might not have enough power to move to open. If not check these in order: processor, memory, MB. Good Luck and keep charging!
  2. Sorry, I left off the Hard Drive to check as possible issue.
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