Time to upgrade or build a whole new system?

Hi guys,

It has been a while since I built my last rig. Much has changed in the last few years and I need advice on updating/replacing my old system.

First, I need to know if I should scrap my current system completely and start from scratch. Or, perhaps be able to get by on some of the items I do have in order to save some bucks. I'd like to try and keep this to about 500-700 dollars U.S.

My current system is:

Some form of an ATX tower... been that long and no identifying marks, lol
PSU is a Thermaltake Silent Purpower 480w
Motherboard is an Nvidia NF7-S 2.0
Graphics card is a BFG 7300-- and is officially DEAD (tired of buying new AGPs to keep this rig going)
Memory is G.Skill of about 2gb
Monitor is SyncMaster 205bw 20"
Cpl of old HD's that plan to add to new system for what info they have on them (one is 60gb, other 120gb)
3.5" drive and cpl DVD players i am fine with
Mouse and keyboard I am fine with

Pretty sparse information, I understand, but I do believe most of it will be replaced.

The new/updated rig will be mainly for gaming, surfing, work stuff. Gaming would be on the lines of WoW, LOTRonline, CoD. Some picture editing as well. No overclocking.

What I assume I will need is a new MB, CPU, Graphics Card, RAM, a new HD (more capacity for pic editing and music). What I am not sure about is whether i need a new case, PSU, and monitor. I am thinking most likely a new case, but was hoping the power supply would be adequate, and the montitor as well.

Any of you veteran builders have any advice? Many thanks in advance!
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  1. will probably need new PSU too, since PC components are really cheap now and also use a lot of energy.

    for $700

    P2 955 $135
    AM3 790GX board $125
    2x2GB ddr3-1600 $80

    thats $340 so $310 for a PSU, case, HDD and GFX card.

    ATi 4770 $99 $89 after rebate
    Corsair 650TX $110 $89 after rebate
    antec 300 $59
    WDC black 640GB $69

    so $20 left before shipping and rebates.
  2. There's a PC Power & Cooling 610W too at Newegg if you want to save $10.

    Here's a link for that WD 640GB.
    I suggest you copy stuff from the old drives to this drive and then throw them out. They will be at most half as fast as this drive and will slow things down.
  3. Thanks for the input, guys, I'll take it all under advisement. I might need to increase my budget a bit.... starting to get the 'power' itch and may go for something a bit quicker out of the gate :P
  4. Antec 300 - $59 w/ free shipping

    BFG 550LS 550W - $58 w/ free shipping

    AMD Phenom 2 940 (3.0GHZ) AND Gigabyte GA-MA790X UD4P Mobo Combo $270

    OCZ Fatality 4GB (2x2GB) - $48 w/ free shipping

    Western digital 750GB - $70

    Sapphire Radeon 4870 1GB - $190

    Total Price: $695.... With shipping... I didn't check all items... but you might go over $700.. but that would be a great system for you.
  5. sozin said:
    Thanks for the input, guys, I'll take it all under advisement. I might need to increase my budget a bit.... starting to get the 'power' itch and may go for something a bit quicker out of the gate :P

    Helloworlds build is top of the range AMD quad core . Even hardened gamer freaks dont need more than that for the core components of a pc and the 4770 will handle your monitor resolution , but if you have more to spend then the gfx card can be improved on .
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