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I built my first computer at the end of last year and got an ASUS Crosshair IV motherboard and Amd Phenom II 1090T. I have never done any overclocking but after talking to people on the forums i decided to just raise the multiplier and voltage to reach 4ghz. Now that the new Radeon 6990s came out, i sold the whole computer and am rebuilding another one with all the same specs except the new graphics cards and a new motherboard. When i get the new motherboard and want to get the processor back at 4ghz, will the overclocking be done the same way? Same multiplier and cpu voltage? And which board should i get between these two? Thanks.
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  1. I would give a slight edge to the Giggy based on oc ability,dual bios,and better ALC 889 audio performance.
    They're both good boards though.
    I'm a little pissed with MSI at the moment i bought one of their boards and less then 2 months later an rma is in the process.
    Reason = can no longer access bios
    Own two Giggy boards and love dual bios feature.
  2. Would i do the overclock the same way if i just wanted to bump up the multiplier and voltage? Same settings?
  3. In above guide your oc, but when you do oc must step by step for voltage ,multiplier,
    -disabled c1e, cool n quite (power now)
    - keep nb in 2000 mhz
    - increase vdim max 1.65
    - check setting oc in cpu-z
    - always see temperature max 60C use hw monitor
    -test stability use prime95 small fft 8hours
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