Memory Speed Discrepancy

This is my system:
Dell XPS 400
System Clock 200 mhz
FSB 800 mhz
Pentium D 820 (2.8 ghz)
Dell 0yc523 mainboard (current bios revision)

If I understand it correctly, my actual memory frequency will be determined by the FSB/DRAM ratio multiplied by the system clock, x4 (DDR2 RAM). First of all, if I am misunderstanding that, then I'm really going to need some help with the rest of my question.

I bought some new RAM a while ago, 2 sticks of CORSAIR XMS2 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Desktop Memory Model CM2X1024-6400 - Retail . It has a rated speed of 800mhz. So, if I understand this part correctly, it should be able to run at a 3:4 ratio with a FSB up to ~600mhz. If I am not mistaken, my ram is actually not fully realizing the potential of my system. If I am misunderstanding this, please help me out.

Next part. My computer is an old dell, so I cannot change any memory or clock settings. The bios says my memory frequency is 533, or something like that. Cpuz says that my memory is pc-2 6400 max bandwidth 400mhz. However, shouldn't my max bandwidth be 800 mhz? I am sure that I am missing something that will explain what I see as discrepancies, and if someone could help me to see what I am missing I would be very appreciative.
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  1. that is 400mhz X2=800...:)
  2. dokk2 said:
    that is 400mhz X2=800...:)

    where does the x2 come from? it is ddr2, wouldn't that be x4, with x2 being ddr standard?

    also, what about what my bios is telling me, about being at 533?
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