Sata hard drive imaged with a smaller drive

Hello, i imaged my 1TB sata with a backup from my 250gb hd. my problem now is that my 1TB, only shows as 250gb. acronis sees the 750 gb but is greyed out. i formatted and reformatted to no avail. any ideas are appreciated. thanks! win7 home, hitachi 1tb
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  1. There are three solutions.

    The good one, I don't know how to do. The restore process in Acronis is creating a partition exactly the size of the original partition; there may be a way to tell it to leave the current partition size in place during the restore, or specify the new partition size, but I can't tell you that.

    The second solution is to use any tool, including the Disk Management tool in the Control Panel - Admininstrative Tools - Computer Management, to create another 750-GB partition on the new drive. Now you will have two disk letters, one for the 250 GB partition (does it contain your system?) and one for the 750 GB of new data space.

    The third solution is to allow Acronis to restore the image into a 250 GB partition, then resize the partition, expanding it to occupy all of the unallocated space. I don't have a machine in hand to work out the exact instructions; sorry. Either look in Disk Manager, as above, select the graphical representation of your partition in the bottom section, right-click, and look for an option to expand the disk, or grab the free version of Easeus Partition Manager and do the same. Either of these tools will allow you to expand the smaller partition to include the freespace directly adjacent to it.

    Whether or not Disk Manager will do this for you depends on the version of Windows you are running. Which version?

    Good luck!
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