Geforce gtx 260 or quadro FX1800??

Hi all,
SO im building a new Workstation using 3Ds Max as my main program of choice. In addition OpenGL is also important. Im wondering if the extra money on the Quadro is worth it or not? A
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  1. Yes, the drivers are worth the performance.

    Take a look at this article:,2258.html
    especially Page 10

    And this article:,2154.html
    especially Page 10

    I'll quote myself in the resulting thread:
    For agrument's sake:

    The RV630-based (2600Pro) FireGL V3600 scored 95.15 on the Maya benchmark according to Tom's charts. This is still more than double what the gaming HD 4870 scored on the same benchmark. The V3600 is still available on Newegg for $150. The RV730-based (HD 4650) FirePro V3750 is also available on Newegg for $170 and should (theoretically) be a much better performer than the V3600.

    Looks to me like using a gaming card in these apps is like driving with your parking brake on. Even the low-end pro cards kill the high-end gaming.
  2. Need your help please.

    i had a workstation for 3d renderingapplications.
    i have a gtx260 superclocked edition and after reading some information in the internet i though that a quadro fx would be a better choice.
    unfortunally cinebench and others tell me that gtx260 performance is quite superior than quadro fx1800.
    what do you professionals know about these? cinebench tells me that perfomance level in is twice than quadro fx1800. the quadro fx costed me twice as the gtx.
    i have both for now and i have to sell one. what should i keep? i don't lnow what to do. in 2d performance quadro fx takes advantage but overall gtx wins. i don't see any gain in perfomance with quadro fx in sketchup or revit or even autocad.
    please help me. your efforts are appreciated

    thanks and best regards
  3. @bsingwa, start a new thread please as this one is over a year old.
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