Western Digital HDDs?

I've been reading about the disk read error message and attempts to recover from it. I've noticed two things...it seems most of the systems having problems are ASUS MB and WD HDD. Anyone have the problem with oher mfgrs?
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  1. I have all Asus motherboards (2 to be exact) and all WD hard drives (5 in total, 3 on one system and 2 on another), never had any issues. Usually a disk read error would mean a failing hard drive and not a compatibility issue between the two.

    If you are talking about drives dropping from a RAID array that as to do with the timeout set in Western Digitals Firmware (only on some drives, and will not effect a non RAID disk).
  2. The strict answer to your question is Yes. For example, I lost a Seagate 7200.12 drive on an Asus mobo. Some things you should know about seeing strings of message on similar failures, so that you can take them with a grain of salt:

    1) If a brand is popular, you will almost certainly see failure reports. If someone ships 100 million drives, it's likely that a few will fail.

    2) If Brand X fails while you are running Call of Duty, and you post it, this may elicit coincidental reports of other Brand X drives failing during gameplay.

    On the other hand, note that the 7200.11 series actually was a disaster.
  3. Can't comment on ASUS, but I between the ones in my system and external ones used for backup and archiving I have 7 WD drives ranging from 500GB to 2TB - none of them have ever given me any problems.
  4. Well, I worked hard over the weekend and today. I've concluded the ASUS mobo/WD HDD combination has nothing to do with the problem. JUst a coincidence...or as someone put it....if someone sells 100 drives, they are bound to have some bad ones.

    I stepped back and set up my computer with it's last "good" configuration. That included installing 32-bit VISTA instead of an upgrade to 64-bit Win-7. Did this as a result of an article online about WIn7 missing system partitions and a detailed look at my hard drive configurations. I've had a couple false blue screen errors but otherwise it's worked fine. FYI, I have 9 WD HDD (long story) on an ASUS P7P55D-PRO mobo. I've probably gone through 50 WD HDD over the years starting with a 20MB drive and had some go bad....but all were covered and replaced under WD's warranty.

    If I get a few things done, I may rebuild the system once again and this time again try to go with 64-bit Win-7. BTW, why do we have 64-bit operating systems now? What's the advantage? I couldn't get Adobe FLash installed for 64-bit explorer and it kept prompting me to install it every 15 minutes. What a pain.

    John D.
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