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Hi all,

Im currently want to build a gaming rig, with a capability to upgrade in the future, the specs:

Motherboard asus p5Q pro

Processor core 2 duo 2.93hz E7500

Memory PC vgen 2 gb pc6400 ddr2 ( x 2 )

ATI saphire radeon HD4870 vapor-x 1 gig

Corsair 550vx 550 watt

HDD 3.5 " 7200 rpm = seagate 250gb sata2

DVD rom silicon 16x

samsung 17" 733nw wide 8ms 15000:1

sonic gear 2.1 tattoo 303

logitech ps2

razer diamondback 3G 1800dpi

casing coolermaster HAF 932

with this rig, i only focus on the system. as you can see.. im not really getting good speaker, keyboard, nor the good optical drive. As it is not too important for me right now, but will get better ones in the future when i get more money.

But in the meantime, is the spec up there is good enough for such demanding game nowadays? and with such case, im planning to upgrade it into a high end game rig :)

Please put your professional opinion, dear rig master :D
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  1. the 775 intel socket doesn have much life left for upgrades
  2. umm i dont really mind to upgrade both mobo, cpu, etc though. Its just that im in tight budget now lol
  3. Which games do you like to play?
  4. any really.. crysis, mass effect, stalker, supreme commander, total war, fallout 3, whatever lolz.. and i do own ps3 as well, but cant be bothered.. selling mine very very soon
  5. on a budget amd seems the best option these days
  6. used to be an amd fans back then, but cause of crash issues, heat problem, instability i turned to intel processors nowadays, sorry :(
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