Single short beep at bootup, keyboard flashes, and no video

The system was originally bought at a swap meet type place. It has a ECS p4m800 pro-m v2.0 motherboard, with 1 GB (2x512) MB PC24200 RAM. IDE Harddrive, 160GB or so.

It also has a AGP Video Card.

I started troubleshooting by testing PSU with a tester, all lights tested good. I hooked up a ANTEC 400W PSU just in case, and still same result.

Next, I pulled out one stick of RAM, still same result with both sticks tested.

I then swapped video cards with another AGP Card and booted, still no luck.

Monitor is working as it is used on another machine just a few feet away. It never comes up with a boot screen or anything similar.

Processor is a Pentium D (I don't know the details unfortunately though)

I couldn't replace the motherboard with one of the same, so I purchased a ECS G31T-M motherboard. I put in processor, RAM, used on board video card. It still boots up with a single boot.

Since the new board is a socket 775, I tried a Socket 775 P4 Processor from a working machine. This also did not work.

I then made sure that neither of the USB header? cables were plugged in and still a single boot, keyboard lights up, and mouse has power to it (it's a laser).

I tried a different keyboard, tried to boot with out keyboard and mouse unplugged.

I also tried to boot with completely different ram Corsard DDR2533 and still same results.

I made sure that the case fan was also unplugged.

CPU fan I tried plugged in and also unplugged with same results.

What else can I try?
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  1. Did you remember the 4 pin cpu power? That's a very common mistake.
  2. Yep, I did have that plugged in, I am hoping it's something easy so any guess is better than where I'm at right now.
  3. It doesn't look like that ECS G31T-M supports the p4 cpu.
  4. Yeah, I sort of found that part out, but it should take the Pentium D, although I don't know which model it actually is. My only guess is that it's the CPU, there's nothing else I haven't tried and I don't have a different CPU to try, I thought the P4 would work but turns out that is not compatible. I guess I could try the P4 in the old mobo, but i'm not even sure if that's compatible.
  5. Not that I figured it out, but I sort of figured that it was incompatible.
  6. I think I'm going to try to find a Pentium D or Core 2 Duo to test it, how often does a CPU fail? Can't be too often....
  7. CPU's do fail, but not near as often as most of the other components, specially those with moving parts.
  8. If the CPU failed, would that ruin the mobo, or more likely if the motherboard failed could it ruin the CPU?
  9. It's not likely that one would kill the other. They don't emit their own power. The PSU is the one that can take components down with it.
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