Having a problem with RAM...

My name is Rhythm......

I have a problem with my RAM sticks......It seems too difiicult for me to solv it!!!!

I have 1 stick of 128 MB and 1 stick of 512 MB.......My CPU has 2 slots for inserting the sticks...........Now the problem starts......When I insert both the sticks at a time,My monitor do not start its display!!!!!But when i removed 128 MB my computer started displaying......But the speed seems too slow for me!!!!

Can anyone please help me on this issue???????Post reply on rhythm4fun@hotmail.com
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  1. Do u have the same type of ram modules??
    list your system please so we can know for sure...
  2. Do you know the amount of memory can be used in your system? Based on the fact your 128 MB will work, it appears that is what you need. If you have another 128 MB for your second slot, it will help your speed. Your system will be slow based on a very old MB with only 2 - slots. Might want to consider upgrading your whole system. Hope this will give some direction - Keep Charging!
  3. Memory can only run as fast as the slowest stick when paired together. The 512MB stick may not be able to drop down to the speed of the 128MB stick and may require different voltages to run properly, so you computer will not boot in this scenario. Leaving you with the ability to only use 1 module, which is only going to put you in single channel mode, this is why it seems so slow.
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