Sata 2 or 3 from WD Caviar Black


I am planning to buy a new WD caviar black hard disk.

This comes on the standard 2 formats of SATA2 and SATA3.

Though I do have a SATA 3 compatible MoBo,is it really worth going for the SATA3 interface version.
I know for a fact that nothing reaches the 6Gb/s Sata 3 transfer limit anyways (For that matter not even 3Gb/s is ever reached)

So should i go ahead and save ~20$ going for SATA2 or go for SATA 3 anyways.
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  1. I take it you mean Sata 3.0gbps or Sata 6.0gbps.

    There should not be a $20 difference. Why don't you show us the drives your talking about. Likely the $20 difference is a difference in cache or warranty, not speed.
  2. I'd save the $20. SATA3 doesn't add anything of value for spinning disks.
  3. ^ +1 I agree.
  4. Yeah I pretty much came to the same conclusion reading through other Posts in the forum.

    @ Geekapproved, I am getting discount in the SATA 3gbps interface card. That's why the price difference.
  5. oh, you never mentioned any card......
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