Thicker Rad mean less powerful fans?


My research into WC my cpu continues. Does a thicker rad mean I can use less powerful fans and thus a quieter case?
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  1. thicker rad mean for instance - 3 rows of 13mm by 2mm Tubes compared to single row, 2 pass
    FPI (fins fer inch) is where you have to decide what's the best fan for the RAD and yes ,most of the thicker RAD's are low FPI= slow~medium rpm fans
  2. Agree; typically 'thick' rads are lower FPI, but you'll want to check and make sure first. Which rads are you using as comparison, here?
  3. I am planing to use the xspc rx360
  4. best rad for 800~1400rpm
  5. I am actually going to use the XSPC Kit since its my first WC. Since because my main motivation for this set-up is silence finding fans that our "silent" has been a chore but I am probably going to go with GentleTyphon's. But I still got more reading to do!!!
  6. I liked the first one you have there I was actually looking at the 1150 GT.
  7. Yep ..if you don't have a fan controller this may be the one to get ..all tho 1400rpm is still very comfortable
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