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I seem to can't overclock my E7300 over 3GHz specs are:E7300, 2+1GB RAM 800MHz 5-5-5-18 3-23-6-3, 9500GT 512MB NVidia graphics card and 945GCM-S ASRock MB
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  1. I would bet it is the P945GCM chipset motherboard limiting you. P45 were the best LGA775 boards for overclocking. Really I am surprised that board even supports that chip.
  2. well my setup is 3 years old :P thats 1st thing, 2nd thing is i can do max 299MHz x10, when i leave PCIE at 100MHz. But i tried doing synched OC and got to 3,2Ghz (320MHz x10 and 112MHz PCIE), but got a blue screen of death after 10 mins (system didn't overheat)
  3. Yeah you are going to be stuck at stock speed with that board I'm afraid.

    PCI-E should stay at 100 BTW.
  4. 2 years old...
  5. can I upgrade my motherboard to something better ? that will support my current system and will be overclockable to 3Ghz+ ?
  6. Here is our standard Core 2 overclocking guide.


    I would not waste money on a new board. LGA775 is a dead end and you should save your money for a full system upgrade in my opinion.
  7. that was also what i was thinking :) maybe going with this for a few months and then fully upgrade
  8. That is the better option I would say.
  9. is there a place on this forum where they give some build advices or already build specs or something i can refer to ?
  10. Is this MB any good ? Gigabyte GA-770T-D3L
    Beacuse i'm thinking on new build going on AMD processor, preferably dual core beacuse i think i don't have a need for a quad ...
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