Extremely slow read speeds on Samsung 2TB

Hello, I have a system with the following setup:

AsRock K7vt4a pro
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
2x1GB PC3200 DDR1 (Running at 2700)
Eminent PCI Sata controller
Samsung 2TB Spinpoint ECO Green
Windows Server 2003 (Fully updated)

I have hooked up the Samsung 2TB disk and another 1GB disk to the sata controller. Now when doing benchmarks I get the following results:

Seagate 1TB

Samsung 2TB

Since I'm using a SATA2 HDD on a SATA1 controller (through PCI) I wasn't hoping for breakneck speeds, but this is crazy. I'm struggling to figure out why the read speed is so slow: I'm not even getting 4 MB/s. At first I thought the Samsung disk was misaligned, but that can nowhere near explain the slow speed. :(

Does anyone have a clue what might be causing this? Maybe the controller cannot handle disks of this size?

Thanks for any help! :)
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  1. I have tried the controller with the 2TB disk in a different computer, there I reached read speeds of 80+ MB/s. So maybe it is a problem with Windows 2003?

    EDIT: Okay, I upgraded Win2003 to Windows 2008 Enterprise, but the problem persists. Could it be an issue with the motherboard?
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