Asus IPIBL-LB pins

Can someone help me find out what the pins are? :S The best I've managed to find was this:

1 HD_LED_P Hard disk LED pull-up
2 FP PWR/SLP MSG LED pull-up
3 HD_LED_N Hard disk active LED
4 FP PWR/SLP MSG LED pull-up
5 RST_SW_N Reset Switch low reference pull-down to GND
6 PWR_SW_P Power Switch high reference pull-up
7 RST_SW_P Reset Switch high reference pull-up
8 PWR_SW_N Power Switch low reference pull-down to GND
9 NC No connection

10-0 0-9
8-0 0-7
6-0 0-5
4-0 0-3
2-0 0-1

And I have absolutely no idea how to interpret that.
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  1. Is this an HP system that you're trying to put into another case or such? Are you trying to match a new case's front panel wiring to your HP motherboard?

    The HP site for this motherboard is here:

    It's unusual to find any more detailed info on OEM motherboards at the Asus site. But HP may have more detailed descriptions in their manual. The spec's url above does contain a fair bit of info compared to most. Also might contact HP and see if they can provide more details or a closeup of the MB.

    Generally, when trying to match up case wiring to the motherboard, you locate each pair of pins associated with a function. So you find the motherboards two pins related to HDD leds and plug in the 2 wires from the case to those. If the light doesn't come on or stays on all the time, reverse the connection. Just have to repeat this process with each set of wires.
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