ok, i'm an amd guy, but with the new intel I7 out and the leaps they've made i'm thinkinkin of changing, what are the best 3 intel I7 based gaming boards for nvidia based sli graphics and what memory and how much for 64bit home premium or ultimate? and what do i need ultimate for, i'm a darn gamer ty, laptopluney02
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  1. Ok mate for starters what is you budget, resolution and how many fps in what games at what resolution do you want.

    For good general parts advice start with this:

    Then for more reading on builds and parts I suggest you read Toms system builder marathon's - a good way to see how much $750, $1250 and $2000+ will get you in terms of performance.

    For the boards I would check out these 2 reviews - they cover the topic pretty well:,2252.html

    Personally I think EVGA has a very good solution for high en SLI due to the dual slot spacing of their 3 PCI 2.0 slots

    As for the OS it would probably be silly as you retorted yourself to go for vista ultimate, if you want an OS cheap - get windows 7 beta for free and upgrade to it when it comes out.

    If you want to read about the sweet spot of gaming value, this comparison should give you some good insight:

    hope this helps
  2. "Best" is just someone's perception. I have the ASUS P6T because I got it for $230 and free shipping on newegg. It was $240 and a $10 off coupon code. So at the time it was the best for me and a GREAT value. I am an economical gamer. The Deluxe and Extreme models just give you extra features that sometims you don't need at a premium price. FYI.

    I would say look at reviews and check them out. I'd stick with the mobo's that support both SLI and Crossfire and triple channel DDR3. Otherwise, why bother with an i7? I am a fan of Asus and Gigabtye, but to each his own.
  3. yeah what's your budget?

    if it's $1500 or below and your a serious gamer then you could get a considerably better gaming build if you went with an amd phenom II 955 and spent the saved money on a couple of 4890's or a 4870 X2.
  4. ty all for your great responses!Sorry I didn't reply to any of you or this post as I am seriously ill and picked something up just after this post.Only last week did I recover finally from this.Still hopeing for a transplant sometime soon.As for what I purchased, Motherboard -Asus P6T6 WS Revolution, CPU-Intel I-7 1366, Memory-Gskill-1600 x12GB,PSU-Apevia- 1100W Warlock, Heatsink-Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus, temps in low 30's, push -pull and 5 Kaze-Jyuni 1900 RPM & 110CFM'S,Case-Thermaltake Armor+ full, picked it up for 100 bucks, open box and nothing was missing or anything wrong with it, HDD'S MAIN-WD 500GB Black Caviar , 3 partitions, 2nd + 3rd HDD'S-Hitachi Deskstar 160GB , Optical Drive-Sony w/Lightscribe DVD/CD @18X.Now I want to water cool this thing and add a combo blu-ray drive and a Corsair or Intel SSD drive.TY ALL again and I'm sorry I couldn't respond to your valuable help, have a great day all, Laptopluney
  5. Heres the thing man, (you gotta listen to this..) You do not need an i7 for gaming, an i5 760 will work exactly the same in games. The only difference between an i7 and an i5 quad-core is hyper-threading. Games do not take advantage of hyper-threading... so there is no use getting an i7. If you video edit and stuff then yeah.. an i7 is great.

    You only need 4GB of ram for gaming, if you have triple channel then 6gb. You will never need 12GB of ram for gaming in this day and age. A waste.

    A g.skill SSD drive is cheap and works great.
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