With The New 1156 Socket Will Intel Drop The 1366 Socket?

With the release of the new 1156 Socket will Intel find it cheaper to drop the 1366 socket? How will the 1156 i7's stand up to the 1366 i7's? Will the sales of the current 1366 i7's drop causing Intel to look fully toward the 1156 i7's? Is it worth building a rig on the current 1366 i7 socket are wait for the 1156 i7's? Any thoughts?
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  1. it isn't really worth it now, wait for 1156 or the 975 BE or get a 965 BE now, since the 965 BE comes really close to the i7.
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    Socket 1366 is here to stay for a long time. 1156 is mainstream and 1366 is enthusiast, hardcore. Most of the 1156 will have HT disabled or only ddual cores. i9 is also coming to the socket 1366 not the 1156. 1366 is the best of the best.

    Just because the 965BE close to the i7 in a game or two doen not make them equal, the i7 excells at everything besides gaming especially multithreaded apps.

    i7 powns anything AMD has to offer currently.
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