Will an old IDE drive slow my computer down?

Hello, I recently purchased parts for a computer: Link

I realized that I only had two IDE drives 160gb and 250gb that I can use for my system.
Should I consider buying a new hard drive or will these run without crippling my new computer?

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    I don't see what the IDE drives are in your link. It is generally true that newer drives are faster than older drives, and SATA drives are faster than IDE drives. I am positive that someone will be able to find exceptions to these rules, but for the most part they will hold.

    Take your optional $100 and either splurge on a high-end drive or buy a 500 GB SATA drive on the cheap from a local store. For example, this one (which I am not endorsing, just using as an example) for $50 plus shipping:

    You do have a backup plan? If not, make one!
  2. Oh these IDE drives are almost 7 years old haha. I can't even remember where I got them from.

    I kept researching and found out that most HD's will bottleneck at ~150MB/s transfer rates. IDE is 133MB/s so it's already somewhat slower.
    I think this also means that SATA I/II/III doesn't make a difference in what I get.

    So, I chose to buy a cheap SATA II drive on the New Years Sale for newegg :D

    Thanks for the help
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