Inno3D GTX460 OC driver crashing

I OC'd my GTX 460 (855,1710,2210) i didn't increase the voltage
and almost every game i start playing it crashes the driver (266.85)
i tried an older driver (260.xx) but it didn't help
any ideas how i can fix it ?
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  1. in doing oc must step by step, you should clear cmos
    vga first then uninstall the drivers and reboot into
    safe mode, uninstall the software oc GPU reboot,
    install again from cd vga driver vga it. then you test
    it first with your game, if it is still not install the
    latest NVIDIA soft, to use the GPU overclok msi
    software afterburner and recall should be step by
    step and add a fan speed and voltage.
    Monitoring your oc gpu via gpu-z
  2. I did it step by step and tested it in MSI KOMBUSTOR and the driver didnt crushed but in games it does (i pput the combustor on 10 min test with max settings )
  3. Gtx 460 can easy play crysis under default factory,
    Give me detail system spec, maybe botteneck just my assumed.
    Do you install latest DirecX sdk .. Or not enough power psu.?
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