Seagate Goflex Pro 500gb vs WD My Passport Elite 750gb

Hi to everyone!

I shall offer you a dilemma, which, some of you, may have already faced.

What if you had to choose between:

1) Seagate Goflex Pro 500gb

- 7200rpm
- usb 3.0 or esata-p (esata powered)

2) Western Digital My Passport Elite 750gb

-usb 3.0

Consider rpms, density of platter and different types of connections (usb 3 vs esata).
Question is:
Which combination offer theoretically better write throughput?

I saw this graph:

and was impressed by the performance of esata for 5400vs7200!

One thought to start up:
[If Seagate uses a "Momentus 7200.4" and WD a "Scorpio Blue", based on this comparison:,1113.html

Momentus proves better, which added by common fact that esata performs better than usb3 (for the time being), a mix of Momentus with Esata would be great!]
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  1. Does your computer supports USB 3.0? If not get the eSATA drive.

    Scanning through some charts the 7200 RPM Seagate will have a higher throughput, along with better access time. If you had to choose between the two and you dont need 750GB of space than I would choose the Seagate.
  2. I will buy a PCI-e card for either USB3.0 or Esata.

    Do you know what drives these modules use?

    And, I think 500gb uses 2x250 platters. what about seagate's 750gb? is it 2x375 or 3x250?
  3. Oh! I just took a look in this benchmark:,2282.html

    What about Samsung's new portable 2.5" S2 HX-MTA64DA?!
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