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22" crt trouble

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October 28, 2002 2:32:16 PM


I've been a proud (cough) owner of an iiyama vision master pro 512 for a month now.

But when I crank up the resolution/refresh rate to higher levels the left side of my screen becomes out of focus (blurry). The convergence controls don't fix it.

this happens already at 1280x1024@100hz (which is well within the specifications). At 85hz the problem isn't there.

I already contacted tech support. They're going to contact me.

What gives?


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October 29, 2002 6:03:04 AM

Dude, did you know that the default rez is only 1280x1024@85hz for the 512?? That's pretty poor for a 21" monitor. At least they're honest about the recommended rez. I had a 21" cpde540 that boasted 1600X1200@85hz that really was only optimal at 1280.

I've read that increasing refresh rate results in loss of focus. My monitor looks just as great at any refresh rate and rez (except for flickering at 2048@60hz due to card limitation).

You're running above the recommended refresh so they may not be so kind to you. Always buy based on recommended, not on max. It'll work on max, but not optimally.

If you had corrected for moire, you may want to return it to zero to try to regain focus, though it may not work or only minimally.

I'm glad I didn't get the 512 as I was considering it (no offense).

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
October 29, 2002 2:18:10 PM

I agree that running the manufactures recommended resolution and refresh rate will help, some video amps simply do not have the bandwidth to handle higher resolutions, and refresh rates, however if this where the case I would expect the monitor have be out of focus across the entire screen. Seems odd to me that it changes only on one part of the screen.

Jim Witkowski
Chief Hardware Engineer

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October 30, 2002 2:37:05 AM

True, but the monitor could have this propensity to be defocused in certain areas of the screen which is only noticeable above a certain threshold refresh and dissappears under the threshold in a linear or even non-linear fashion. It's like color saturation, where at a certain point, you see the color separation and at just slightly above or below, don't. The difference is obviously there but only made apparent under lighting conditions.

Since it is true, as you have mentioned, that increasing refresh defocuses, isn't it probable that focus variability may become apparent on one side, if threshold variability prexisted, even under a constant increase? Or is the relationship between refresh and focus over simplified?

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
October 30, 2002 10:09:29 PM

We can speculate on the cause till the cows come home, however the original poster will never know until he/she take the unit to a technician for some diagnostics.

Jim Witkowski
Chief Hardware Engineer

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October 31, 2002 2:45:58 AM

it is just one month, do a RMA as well babe.

October 31, 2002 4:02:36 AM

True. Percival should return it, but not pay a service charge to a technician for a new monitor under warranty. Nor should anyone service monitor after warranty expiry (cost, imho, is not justified considering monitors will wear and are cheap these days).

I think that Iiyama might try to refute percival's claim by pointing out that the monitor never was recommended at that setting in the first place. Don't know the legality of it, but I'd expect a monitor not to have "defects" at any specified resolution. I guess it depends on what is considered a defect. One example is that 2-3mm of bowing is not considered a defect for some manufacturers.

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
October 31, 2002 4:04:35 AM


Just yell like hell that their product sucks! Then get a refund, not an exchange if only for the fact that other monitor are cheaper and better(specs as well as real image). Check out for a great deal on the nec-mitsubishi 22" professional series superbright tubes at dirt cheap prices. You could check out pricegrabber and pricewatch too. I'd buy it if I hadn't already bought the previous excellent iteration (dp2060u). The price is comparable or even cheaper than the 512.

BTW, I'm not affliated with them. I just am very satisfied with their product and have not had to even deal with customer "service".

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
October 31, 2002 3:12:46 PM

Thanks for the help and advice guys. I'm thinking of rma'ing it. But I don't know the exact procedure for it (I never rma'd something before). I called the dealer where I bought it but they said they wouldn't take it back since too long had passed (30 days).

Anyway, I'm still awaiting a response from iiyama *sigh*.

Btw, the screen has white 'glow' around white areas too (most noticeable on the right side). For example, when I expand my ssh client it has a 'fog' right before the gray right border (used to scroll up and down).

I should have gone with nec-mitsubishi :-(

October 31, 2002 4:44:07 PM

Sounds like you'll have deal with the manufacturer. HOpefully they'll get back to you.

I have seen that localized glow on very dark backgrounds on nearly if not all monitors to some degree. As you said, I only really noticed when there is a long vertical scroll bar against a very dark (black) background to the far right. Since it's so pervalent, I think it may be "normal". Since it usually occurs on the right, it's usually missed using calibration/diagnostics screens. Hmmm... this is a question for goshark.

Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.