Nvidia GeForce GTS250 or ATi HD4770?

hey. i going to buy a new card, simple question, GTS250 or 4770?

GTS250 is £130, but the 4770 at £84 seems to have a high specification, also with 4770's uniquie 40 nano meters
Processor structure, i won't have to buy a new 750 Watt psu to replace my 550 Watt?

but i just keep getting drawn to the GTS250 since Nvidia is the Bigger/Better company towards ATi now.
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  1. I'm also in a similar boat as you and was leaning towards Nvidia mainly because i'm already using an nvidia powered video card and Mobo. But I'd go for the 4770. It's newer tech than the GTS250 plus its cheaper. You can use the savings to add more RAM to your PC or add/upgrade some other parts.
  2. The GTS250 is the better card, though I'm not sure if its 50 pounds better. (what is that, $100USD?) The GTS250 is the 9800GTX+, which is every so slightly better then the 4850, which is ever so slightly better then the 4770. I personally would buy the 4770, but I'm tight with money. (happens when your in my situation.)

    I'm not sure what you mean by bigger better company, I am drawn to benchmarks. And they say the 4770 isn't that much slower then the 4850/GTS250.
  3. The GTS 250 and the ATI 4850 are in the same league...
    The 4770 would perform slightly lower than the GTS 250 and 4850...
    But £130 for the GTS 250 is not worth it...
    Check the prices here...
  4. The only problem that you'll probably run into is finding a 4770. It sells pretty fast and is quite hard to find.
  5. thanks 4 ur replys.

    theres some 4770's on novatech. yes the stocks do go really fast, and it's a nightmare trying to want for new stock.
  6. isn't the 4770 a myth? like the lock ness monster....
  7. No, because more then just 7 drunk people have seen the 4770.

    Besides, I can show you at least 10 pictures of the 4770, none of which are blurry.
  8. The GTS250 is a little faster, but I don't feel that the extra performance justifies the extra cost. The only problem is finding the 4770 in stock, but it seems as though retailers are beginning to have some for more than an hour so demand is tapering off a bit :D. Just go to newegg and have it auto notify you when some are in stock.
  9. Happy, check out scan.co.uk, ebuyer.co.uk and overclockers.co.uk too.

    There are a (very) few 4770's available at slightly higher prices than release. I'm not sure that they are worth buying when they are priced higher than 4850's - you might be better served looking for a 4830 on ebay right now.
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