Looking for a good liquid cooling system

hello. Well im looking for a good liquid cooling system iv seen sum good one's but i don't know if thay work good on a amd phenom II 955 oc to 4.0ghz.
My air cooler just cant do it any more my air cooler is big so i know that getting any biger will pout lots of stress on my mobo.
I have sum links to sum liquid cooling systems so if you don't mind taking a look at them and giving your opinion on them will be grate.

those are the only two that i would like to get cus of there size but if theres any better one's like them i would appreciate it. O ya my prise rang is $50 to $100. thank you for your time
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  1. I'd suggest a H70 over a H60.
  2. thank you
  3. For less than $100, I'd say stick to air cooling. Save up another $30 and get the XSPC Rasa kit instead if you really want watercooling. It will outperform the H50/60/70 hands down.

    Info in my signature on watercooling...I'd recommend reading up a lot.
  4. All the Hxx coolers are outperformed by the better air cooling systems

    Corsair H50 68.1
    Coolit Vantage A.L.C. 67.8
    Corsair H70 64.7
    Coolit ECO A.L.C. 64.3
    Cooler Master V6 GT 59.5
    Prolimatech Super Mega 59.4
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 58.7
    Thermalright Venomous X 58.0
    Thermalright Silver Arrow 55.8
  5. Quote:
    Well im looking for a good liquid cooling system iv seen sum good one's

    Which ones have you seen...considering your budget and the ones mentioned thus far, I'd have to disagree with your statement.
  6. i don't know what one is good and what one is not good my air cooler is

    and ther is a liqiud cooling system i wus looking at but it is to much for me and it is
  7. all i wont to know is the all in one liquid cooling is any good cus i would think that the pump would get on when its bilt in to the water block. and if the liquid will get bad after a long time
  8. and the XSPC Rasa kit looks a bit over kill my atv's radiator is smaller then that
  9. You posted the Swiftech Edge kit, which is some pretty good components put together into a kit. The XSPC Rasa radiator is the same size as that one, unless you get the RS360 which is the 3x120mm radiator.

    I guess I am not sure what your exact question is...

    If you want to spend the money on a H50/60/70, go ahead, but they really only perform as well as good air coolers costing less money.

    I offered the Rasa as an alternative to the H70, which usually runs about $100. For $130, the Rasa performs far better. For far less money than the H70, the 212+ performs very, very well.

    Your choice.
  10. well i did sum looking around and think I'm going to get the xspc rasa 750 cuz i looks like it can do more then you think and the all in one cooler's i don't trust cuz i cant see whats going on in it and i think ill take your advice
  11. "looks like it can do more then you think" did not mean for it to sound like i am taking a shot at you
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    With the XSPC Rasa RS360 (750, the one with the 3x120 rad) you could run a CPU+GPU in that loop with some decent fans.

    The Swiftech Edge kit has a better pump, but is more expensive.
  13. the 3x120mm rad is big and i dont think ill need that big but sum time's bigger is better.
    well y i wont a new liquid cooling system is to make my cpu cooler the it is. It run about 50c to 55c max out it's about 60c and i don't like that at all.

    Cuz my north bridge cooler get's about 40c to 50c and i cant get a good fan on it cuz my heat sink is in the way so ther is a good excuse for a liquid cooling system

    and im all so getting a bigger case for new stuff that i mite get in the future. and thank you all for your help
  14. I run two 3x120 radiators on my watercooling's a little more than I need, but for the price, the rads were a good deal.

    I assume your CPU is the Phenom II you have listed in your config...I would also think you'd get better temps with watercooling, but have you also considered other air coolers? I don't know what case you have, so I can't tell for sure what would fit since some are rather large. 60C seems rather warm for that chip, but I am an Intel CPU guy, so I'm not as familiar with AMD's.

    As for your NB; they are designed to run that is fairly normal.
  15. well my case rite naw is a raidmax quantum

    but i would like to get a bigger one cuz ever thing is so tight in it the mobo is in contact withe psu all my wirer's are cramp in weird ways i need a full atx case i have sum case's in my wishlist if you would like to see them
  16. Where are you from? Depending on ambient temps year round, you will want one with space as well as good airflow. Also, what is your overall budget?
  17. im from Maine and it's cold rite now and my budget is about $500 to $450
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  19. For that budget, you could build a pretty decent loop, but considering you are looking into a new case as well, the Rasa + case is a good place to start.
  20. o and i would like to know if i would need more power for my pc as well cuz i do wont to cross firer my card
  21. and the case that i was thinking of well there is three of them and i cant decide what one to get
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