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Hello everyone,

I accidentally tipped over my external hard drive that was sitting wooden floor, it landed pretty hard. I have 2 partitions on the drive, one still works perfectly fine (read and write), but not so much the other. I'm not able to write anything to the partition, but I'm still able to open up files. So I decided to buy a new external to back up everything, but for some reason, some files cannot be copied from the messed up partition.

I tried using two different computers, no luck. I tried putting the hard drive directly into my computer, that didn't solve the problem. I tried using Harddrive Regenerator and Spinrite, but those programs will take months to completely repair, which i'm not even sure if it'll help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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  1. Don't drop hard drives....lol
    My guess is that it was running or on and not in the parked position...which is bad!!!
    You might have to call a recovery specialist to regain the data that is corrupt, if it is retrievable at all!
  2. Mechanical drives are mechanical.
    They have 'floating' heads that read and write to the magnetic platters. While in use, a mechanical drive is rated to withstand very little impact. Even a foot fall can cause the heads to hit the rotating platter and bugger up your entire drive.

    As said... don't drop your drive ;)

    Some software may better read the damaged data, but its really luck of the draw. Good luck
  3. I think there may have been too many drinkies over the holidays, this is about the 4th dropped drive in recent days.
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