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I've been struggling to get a fresh copy of XP Home put back on a friend's computer. She has a WD2500 SATA hard drive that I was able to completely wipe the drive due to some issues she was having.

The drive will show up in bios, but when I go through the windows setup process it ends with no hard disks found.

I'm sure I need to add third party raid/scsi drivers at the F6 step of setup, but I can't find any that will work.

Can anybody help? It is a WD2500JD. It is in a Dell Dimension 8400 if that is important.

Thanks so much for your help!
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  2. :) Thanks for your help.

    Unfortunately when I tried loading that file from the setup I got a "unexpected response in line (140) from (windows install temp directory).

    I am sure that this is a good hard drive.

    Any other ideas?
  3. Were you able to create a floppy from the file? there are 2 files in the dell support web page for your dimension 8400 under SATA drivers you will need one of them (downloaded file that has been run to create the floppy) when you are hitting the "f6" key loading windows.
  4. yes, the file extracts to a detected floppy disk.

    The problem comes after F6, I hit "S" to specify drivers, and shortly after the process starts I revieve the "unexpected response" error.
  5. when you hit "s" to specify drivers did you try all of them on the disk?
    have you downloaded the other file and made a second floppy to try?
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