No H/W Accelaration for Geforce 6200

I upgrade my graphics card to Geforce 6200 from Geforce2. I am using Pure Video for satellite TV viewing application (DVB Dream). But even after upgraded to Geforce 6200, there is no change in CPU usage. It still around 30% - 65% on my 1.7Ghz P4. HD playback also not possible. I read in NVidia site that, Geforce 6200 will support H/W accelaration for MPEG-4 and MPEG-2. Also it will support accelaration for WMV files. But my system failed to play back 720P WMV file :cry: . But my 945GCLF Atom based test rigg play it nicely :ouch: .

Please help.
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  1. As far as I know, only the 8-series and up GPUs support CPU offloading of HD playback.
  2. Friend, thanks for the quick reply. I am fully satisfided with the new card in terms of picture quality. It's amazingly improved and now the windows are quicker and some speed improvemnt while playing video etc.

    Please read the file from the below link. It listed the pure video support table. It will list the functions supported by GPUs.
  3. Still Waiting for reply from experts. Please help me. I am not an expert in GPUs. This is first time ever I am using this type of cards.
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